Weird Nature Incredible Atmospheric Phenomena You Never Thought Possible  

Rebecca High

Nature is the coolest, regardless of whether you discussing science, animal, plants, space, or just any nature-adjacent facts. Specifically, this video rounds up some of the most spectacular atmospheric phenomena - visual curiosities formed in the pressure of the atmosphere but which you can see around the globe. And for some of these, the "why" is just as cool as the the "what."

For example, eddying "ice circles" are perfectly round slabs of ice rotating slowly on top of moving water. They're most likely caused by currents; their rotating movement is maintained through the energy of the ice melting. But they look so cool, and no human-made cookie cutters were involved!

Penitentes, or snow that appears in rock- or stalactite-like formations at extremely high altitudes, are another visually arresting phenomenon that seems almost too cool to be real. 

Watch this video for three of the most stunning atmospheric phenomena, and marvel at not only the visuals but also the science behind them.