Easter Eggs In 'Incredibles 2' You Definitely Missed

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For decades, Pixar has created some of the most fascinating animated films ever. The original Incredibles, and now Incredibles 2, are among some of Pixar's best work. Inspiring intense devotion for their creativity alone, there's an entire group of zealous people who follow Pixar films to see how they're all connected. And each movie is stuffed to Nemo's gills with Easter eggs and references tying everything together.

But it's not just self-referential jokes that pop up in Pixar films. Creators and animators nod to other films they love and make small references viewers may overlook on first viewing. Each frame is important, making it easy to miss everything. Incredibles 2 is no different, so there's surely an Easter egg or two you didn't catch.

While things like the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story appear in every Pixar film, there are plenty of deeper cuts even the most eagle-eyed fan will overlook after watching just once.

Photo: The Incredibles 2 / Pixar

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    Bob Has A Jar Of Bullets

    Bob Has A Jar Of Bullets
    Photo: Incredibles 2 / Pixar

    During the majority of Incredibles 2, the Parr family is in transition. Their suburban home exploded at the end of the previous film, leaving most of their possessions in boxes. And even when they move into their new home, things remain in disarray.

    When Bob sees his old "Incredibile" on television, he rushes to a back room and goes through his old things to find the remote for the car. Among the other objects is what looks like a jar full of pennies. Look closer, however, and it says "bullets that bounced off my chest."

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    The Municiberg Credit Union Winks At Another MCU

    Given its made nearly $17 billion in total box office gross, it's fair to call the Marvel Cinematic Universe a huge deal. As such, nearly every comic book (or comic-book-inspired) film is sure to reference the MCU in some way - and Incredibles 2 is no exception.

    The movie makes a subtle reference to the MCU by way of a bank sign. At the end of the film, after the heroes stop the boat from crashing into the city of Municiberg, a sign is visible in the background promoting the Municiberg Credit Union - AKA the MCU.

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    The Release Date Almost Referenced The First Film

    The Release Date Almost Referenced The First Film
    Photo: The Incredibles / Pixar

    Since the release date of Incredibles 2 changed to give Toy Story 4 a little more time to prepare, this Easter egg didn't quite come to pass. Originally, Incredibles 2 was scheduled for release in 2019. This would have put the sequel out exactly 15 years after the first one. And in the previous Incredibles, Syndrome tells Mr. Incredible it's too late to salvage their relationship - "15 years too late." 

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    Dash Wears Retro High Tops

    Dash Wears Retro High Tops
    Photo: The Incredibles / Pixar

    Even when Helen turns to a life of full-time crime-fighting, she can't completely escape her responsibilities as a parent. During a thrilling chase scene near the beginning of the film, Dash secretly calls his mom to ask about his high-tops - clearly referring to his high-top Chuck Taylor shoes.

    Not only are the shoes appropriately athletic for a kid with blazing speed like Dash, but they further the film's mid-20th century aesthetic. While the movie is ostensibly set in modern times, numerous architectural and technological flourishes make it look like the film occurs in the '50s or '60s. And though Chucks are popular now, they were even hipper a few decades ago.

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    Dash Snacks On Sugar Bombs

    Dash Snacks On Sugar Bombs
    Photo: Incredibles 2 / Pixar

    Early in Bob's tenure as a single parent, he attempts to get the family ready for school. As they sit at the kitchen table, Dash eats a cereal called "Sugar Bombs." Not a real cereal, the brand only shows up two other times in entertainment.

    The first is in the Fallout games, where players can eat Sugar Bomb cereal for health. The more likely reference, however, is to Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs - Calvin's favorite breakfast food in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Just like Dash, Calvin is an energetic, imaginative blonde kid who doesn't know how to sit still. Sugar Bombs are probably the worst thing for both of them.

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    Dash Quotes Batman

    Dash Quotes Batman
    Photo: Incredibles 2 / Pixar

    Dash's line "I want to fight bad guys, it defines who I am!", made an appearance in one of the trailers. In the film, however, the line is a part of a larger discussion about how being a superhero is still illegal. And Dash doesn't want to have to give up his powers again.

    The line is also a semi-satirical version of Batman's line in Batman Begins. In that film, Batman says, "It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me." Incredibles 2 is mocking the idea that a person's identity - especially a kid's - would be defined by their ability to punch villains.

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