Parenting Incredible Kids Who Can Do Everything You Can Do, But Better  

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It's hard to grapple with the realization that no matter what we do as adults, it would require ten times the amount of effort to be even half as cool as the incredibly talented kids on this list. It's safe to assume that a six-year-old girl who kick flips a skateboard off a railing in a fairy costume is probably better than you at everything. But it's not just skateboarding fairies that have made the list; it's miniature music prodigies, dancers, historians, and flat out geniuses, all of whom have made headlines in recent years for showcasing their amazing talents.

Many talk show hosts and internationally recognized talent shows have taken on the wonder of child prodigies, exposing their wild talents and launching them into stardom. If you want to feel inspired to take a stab at something new, check out the most talented kids ever.

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This little bundle of joy earned the singer-songwriter spot on the 2016 Billboard 21 Under 21 list of music's hottest young stars. This is of course after she gained recognition from Simon Cowell on the America's Got Talent stage. It was her signature raspy voice, ukulele skills, and quirky songwriting abilities that won over the hearts of America and Simon Cowell. She released her debut album this year called Just The Beginning.

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Rayssa Leal: The Skating Fairy


Rayssa Leal has become a household name in her home country of Brazil as "Fadinha Do Skate," which roughly translates to "The Skate Fairy." This nine year-old skater not only shreds on her board doing processional grade tricks, but she does so wearing a fairy costume. 

She's won numerous skating titles and received a shoutout from skate legend Tony Hawk. This tech-savvy youngster has created a cult following on her Instagram, where she keeps her fans updated with dabs, vids, and action shots. 

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Darci Lynn: Ventriloquist Superstar


It's not often that you come across a ventriloquist these days, much less a bubbly blonde 12-year-old one from Oklahoma. Darci Lynn began singing at a young age until stage fright took its toll. That is, until she discovered ventriloquism and started to gain her confidence back along side her puppet bunny 'Petunia'. 

Darci Lynn championed the America's Got Talent stage, winning over the judges and voters alike with her unique talent and poise. There's no doubt ventriloquists around the world are thankful she's keeping the art alive.

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Macey Hensley: Can Ace Any Presidential Fact Quiz

Macey Hensley is Ellen DeGeneres's darling with a thick southern drawl. She's the sweetest—and maybe the smartest—of her featured child stars. At only five years old, Macey appeared on Ellen wowing audiences with her effortless knowledge about every U.S. president. Ellen continued to feature her a handful of times, surprising her with visits to the White House and from President Barack Obama. At a time when it feels America has lost all hope, Macey reminds us to take heart. She plans to run for office in 2048, so clearly all is not lost. 

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