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Incredible Kids Who Can Do Everything You Can Do, But Better

Updated 26 May 2020 4.7k views12 items

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It's hard to grapple with the realization that no matter what we do as adults, it would require ten times the amount of effort to be even half as cool as the incredibly talented kids on this list. It's safe to assume that a six-year-old girl who kick flips a skateboard off a railing in a fairy costume is probably better than you at everything. But it's not just skateboarding fairies that have made the list; it's miniature music prodigies, dancers, historians, and flat out geniuses, all of whom have made headlines in recent years for showcasing their amazing talents.

Many talk show hosts and internationally recognized talent shows have taken on the wonder of child prodigies, exposing their wild talents and launching them into stardom. If you want to feel inspired to take a stab at something new, check out the most talented kids ever.

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