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The Best Indoor Halloween Decorations For 2020

September 1, 2020 154 votes 22 voters13 items

Every year it seems like there are more and better indoor Halloween decorations to fit your personal style. Finding Halloween decor that matches your mood, whether it be scary, gross, witchy, or cute, makes this magical holiday all the more fun. From fairy lights to freaky setups, these are some of the best indoor Halloween decorations to start getting your space spooky.

If you have a small apartment or strange space, finding the best indoor Halloween decorations can be a challenge. For each of the cool pieces of Halloween decor we've found, we also have similar Halloween decoration ideas so you can choose the look that's right for you and your home. Some of this halloween interior décor even transcends sesaons - a neon pink bat is appropriate year-round, right? Whether you just want some classic Beistle cutouts or you're looking for the witchiest, most magical lanterns around, we've got the best indoor Halloween decorations to get you in the spirit.