The Best Indoor Summer Activities

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Whether it's too hot outside, you're stuck babysitting, or a summer storm has hit, there are always some great indoor summer activities to try out. If you're feeling like something more relaxing, you can stay at home and try plenty of summer arts and crafts, not to mention cooking something new, or playing some of your favorite board games. To keep in the spirit of summer, though, consider making your own popsicles, heading to an indoor pool for some fun games, creating your own in-home garden, or even watching a movie about summer

Of course, indoor summer activities don't have to be done at home. You can beat the heat and hit the bowling alley, a rock climbing gym, or head to the theater to see a new movie. If you want to be productive with your days indoors, you could try taking a tutorial on the computer and learning something new. Exercise is always a great way to keep indoors and stay active as well—whether that's doing some yoga, lifting weights, or using a stationary bike. In short, there are plenty of ways to spend hot summer days indoors, and it can still be loads of fun. 

If you need some new ideas for indoor activities this summer, check out the list of fun things to do and vote up your favorites. Feel free to add your own indoor summer activities to the list as well. 

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  • Learn Something New Online
    19 votes

    Learn Something New Online

  • Make Your Own Popsicles
    27 votes

    Make Your Own Popsicles

  • Listen to Music
    21 votes

    Listen to Music

  • Write a Story
    19 votes

    Write a Story

  • Find an Indoor Pool
    23 votes

    Find an Indoor Pool

  • See a Movie
    27 votes

    See a Movie