What Industries Are You Concerned About Technology Replacing?

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Vote up the industries and products you do not want to be destroyed by disruptive technologies; vote down the ones you don't care about being replaced.

Nowadays, many people – whether it be begrudgingly or embracingly – use the technological replacements to traditional industries in some capacity. Maybe it's ordering their groceries online and having them delivered to their homes. Maybe it's opting for the immediate download of an e-book rather than waiting to purchase in print. Maybe it's renting a vacation spot through Airbnb rather than a traditional hotel. Whatever the specific case may be, lots of folks have begun opting for the immediacy and ease of online delivery and app-based services.

Some worry about this transition, though, afraid that it might signal the "end" of some traditional industries and ways of doing business. Will emerging technologies replace brick-and-mortar businesses, print media, and paper books? Do you care? 

Vote up the industries and products you don't want disruptive technologies to destroy.

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    9 votes

    I don't want clothing stores to be replaced by clothing subscription boxes.

  • 2
    14 votes

    I don't want print books to be replaced by e-books.

  • 3
    11 votes

    I don't want public transportation to be replaced by ride-sharing services.

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    13 votes

    I don't want mom and pop grocery stores to be replaced by grocery delivery services.

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    9 votes

    I don't want the hotel industry to be replaced by online hospitality marketplaces.

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    8 votes

    I don't want pet stores to be replaced by pet subscription boxes.