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The 13 Most Infamous & Haunting Crime Scene Photographs Ever Taken

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Crimes usually aren't pretty, so it goes without saying crime scene photos can be disturbing. The images of dead bodies, pools of blood, and murderers on rampages act as both haunting reminders of our mortality and the savage capabilities of human depravity

Not all photos of crimes scenes are modern - some date back to the 1930s, showing that no matter how much society advances, gruesome crime still occurs. Photographs, as opposed to live video, only capture a singular moment in time, leaving the viewer to dwell upon the horrific details frozen before them.

  • Manson Family Murders: Sharon Tate Murder Scene

    August 6, 1969 is remembered as the day the bodies of actress Sharon Tate (then pregnant with husband Roman Polanski's child) and five of her friends were found in her house in the hills of Los Angeles. They had been brutally murdered by several of Charles Manson's followers in an attempt to create a race war.

    The crime scene photos show the reality of the horrific murders - there were blood pools on the carpets, a cord was hung around Tate's neck, and there were hundreds of bullet holes in the walls and ceiling. 

    • The Calico Kidnapping Polaroid

      19-year-old Tara Leigh Calico vanished from her Belen, New Mexico, neighborhood on September 20, 1988. Almost one year later, on June 15, 1989, a Polaroid picture was found in a parking lot on the other side of the country - in Port St. Joe, Florida. An examination of the photo determined that it couldn't have been taken before May, 1989, and that the woman in the foreground of the photo had scars on her leg that were virtually identical to the ones on Calico's leg.

      The FBI determined that the woman in the photo was Calico, but additional investigations didn't turn up anything concrete, and to this day she is still listed as a missing person.  

      • Harvey Glatman, The 'Glamour Girl Killer, Photos

        Harvey Glatman, also known as the Glamour Girl Killer, was a serial killer who posed as a fashion photographer to lure in women. He went to modeling agencies, claimed he needed women to pose for pulp fiction magazines, took them to his apartment, tied them up, and shot disturbing photos of them before sexually assaulting and killing them.

        Glatman was found guilty of three murders in 1957 and 1958, and was sentenced to death. 

        • Oklahoma City Bombing

          One famous photo from the Oklahoma City bombings is of a firefighter holding a deceased child. The fireman, Chris Fields, rescued the child, Baylee Almon, from the rubble that once was her daycare center on the first floor of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

          The bombing, planned and carried out by Timothy McVeigh and his accomplice, Terry Nichols, destroyed the building on April 19, 1995. The blast killed 168 people, including Almon, and wounded over 680 others.