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The 13 Most Infamous Weapons Throughout World History

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When people think about famous weapons, they think of fictional pieces like Excalibur or Captain America’s shield. However, there are plenty of examples of totally real, totally cool historical weapons. The ancient weapons that historical figures used often had names and stories of their own that were on par with anything from Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. Not every historical figure named his weapon, but those who did obviously had a flair for the dramatic that helped them make their marks on history.

Most of the notable named weapons in history are swords, but there are plenty of spears, daggers, guns, and cannons with monikers and their own stories to tell. We honor these long-dead warriors for having the foresight to give their trusted tools cool names and thus make them more memorable. These might not be the best weapons in history, technically speaking, but they are among the most memorable—after all, we are remembering them right now.

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