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Inferno movie quotes bring the 2013 Dan Brown novel of the same name to life in a feature film. Directed by Ron Howard, David Koepp adapted the book into a screenplay, which follows a professor and doctor who fight to stop an extinction-level event. Inferno opened in theaters on October 28, 2016.

In Inferno, Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) wakes with little memory of the preceding days and with visions of an alternate reality. He finds a device in his pocket which projects an image of Dante's Inferno. Along with Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), Langdon realizes that the painting has been altered from the original and equates that to a prophecy that a virus will wipe out the world's population. 

Further investigation leads the pair to believe scientist Bertrand Zobrist (Ben Foster) invented Inferno as his way to save humanity. Zobrist believes that without a dramatic decrease in the population now, all of humanity will be extinct in 100 years. While everyone agrees that population control is important, Dr. Brooks and Professor Langdon are not going to allow Inferno to happen, and must race around Europe over 48 hours in order to stop it.

Inferno movie quotes give a look into the thriller, just like other movie quotes do for fall 2016 films such as Keeping Up with the Joneses, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, The Accountant, and Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life.

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Professor Langdon, We Need Your Help

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Christoph Bouchard: It appears you are out of options. Tell me about the threat that is Inferno.
Christoph Bouchard: Professor Langdon, we need your help. Three days ago, a man killed himself. We think he was part of something much bigger. There was a package in his pocket. 
Robert Langdon: And what was in it?

After scientist Bertrand Zobrist jumps to his death in front of Christoph Bouchard, Bouchard approaches Professor Robert Langdon asking for help in these Inferno movie quotes. As Bouchard explains in these Inferno movie quotes, this was one small piece to a massive and deadly plot.

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It's Dante's Inferno

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Dr. Sienna Brooks: It's Dante's Inferno.
Robert Langdon: Dante defined our modern conception of hell 700 years ago, but these circles of hell have been rearranged. Why Dante? Why this map of hell? Dante! Dante's death mask! Yes! We've got to get to Florence.

Professor Langdon and Dr. Brooks realize that the image they see projected from a handheld device is Dante's inferno. This leads them to Dante's death mask and a trip to Florence.

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Someone Created a Plague

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Robert Langdon: This is what I have been seeing. Look, look, this is not on the original painting. 
Dr. Sienna Brooks: Here's another one. Prophecy. 
Robert Langdon: Oh my god, Dante's Inferno isn't fiction. It's a prophecy. Someone created a plague. 

Dr. Brooks and Professor Langdon notice that the Inferno painting has been altered in these Inferno movie quotes. The additions spell our prophecy, which somehow leads them to believe someone has created a plague.

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Inferno is the Cure

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Bertrand Zobrist: Our population is spiraling out of control. Inferno is the cure. 
Robert Langdon: They're going to wipe out half the world's population unless we find this virus. They left a trail. 
Dr. Sienna Brooks: Human lives are at stake. If the plague exists, you know what governments will do to get it.

Bertrand Zobrist lays out the Inferno plan to control the population by killing off half of everyone. This does not sound like something Dr. Brooks and Professor Langdon want to happen, and they vow to fight against it in these Inferno movie quotes.