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List Rules have written or given a speech or book, created art or philosophy, developed an invention, that has benefited the world in someway.

Persons who are known more for media profile and misinformation rather than actual actions and writings.
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OF COURSE Nixon lied and tried to cover up Watergate when hefound out it occurred, similar to Clinton lying about infidelity.  If we only knew the secrets we have missedover the past 50 years.  Nixon was reallythe first person who got caught in the modern media, but all accomplishedpoliticians have dirty laundry.  The actionsof someone at this level of influence often take years to understand theimpact, but the 37th President was brilliant as a leader where hewas not so much of a good person – kind of the opposite of what we have now, adecent person but terrible president.  Inany event, Richard Nixon’s greatest donation to the country truly comes fromre-energizing the economy that had been stalled due to Johnson and the “GreatSociety”.  After four years of Nixon, thecountry had become prosperous again.  He openedthe door with China, ended the Vietnam War, ended the military draft and madethe voting age 18, took the U.S. off the gold standard, created Détente withthe Soviet Union, wrote and signed the SALT I Treaty with the USSR, created theEPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Yes tree hugging liberals; you can thank Richard Nixon for the EPA.  Landed us on the moon (I know Kennedy madethe famous speech every kid gets to cry over, but NASA was insignificant in1963.  Johnson cared more about makingmoney militarizing Vietnam.  Nixon pushedthe funding and finished the drill of landing on the moon.  Nixon also wrote many insightful books andbecame an invaluable asset to Presidents after him in dealing with foreignpowers.

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