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10 American Politicians You've Never Heard of Who Basically Changed History

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A list of the most influential politicians is bound to have plenty of names we all know. John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton. The usual suspects. Notable losers like Barry Goldwater and William Jennings Bryan have also gone down in history for their impact on society. In the convoluted tapestry of the American past, though, there are countless politicians most of us never learned about in school, who never show up in History Channel documentaries. Some of these men and women had a profound impact on American history, impact that is in some cases still felt today.

Here, then, are a few generally unknown politicians, whose stories shouldn't be lost to the foggy ruins of time. Some of them ran for president, others for local office. Some won, most lost. Some never ran for at all, yet still managed to make a mark, though political action like petitioning. Regardless of races run and offices held, each of these people made a positive difference. 

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