Crazy Top Secret Information You Won't Believe The Government Declassified

Ever wonder what really goes on behind the government's closed doors? Or what all that blacked-out text you see on top-secret classified documents actually says? Or whether your wacky conspiracy-theory-touting uncle might be telling the truth?

Well, wonder no more. Thanks to the United States’ 2013 Freedom of Information Act, the doors have been flung open, the blacked-out text has been revealed, and your uncle has been completely and totally validated. Okay, on second thought, maybe just those first two. Read on to discover some pieces of government declassified information that are downright bonkers. 

Did you know a US state narrowly avoided nuclear catastrophe in the '60s? Or that one president’s brain was lost during his autopsy and is still missing to this day? Or that a famous author willingly participated in the CIA’s unethical human experimentation?

Put on your tinfoil hat and dive deep into the world of government-declassified info that will make your head spin. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be someone's wacky uncle.