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13 Infuriating Background Details In 'The Walking Dead' That Don't Make Any Sense

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Since its 2010 debut, The Walking Dead has become one of the most popular shows on television. With its gripping storylines, incredible special effects, and superb makeup, it is beloved by fans around the world. With such a strong and intense following, it should come as no surprise that most viewers have strong feelings about the show.

For this reason, some of the inconsistencies and logic issues that crop up on The Walking Dead may seem like a bigger deal than they really are, yet they pose some awkward questions for the showrunners. After all, if the world is going through a zombie apocalypse, how can everyone be so healthy and clean all the time? Who's trimming the lawns and tuning up the cars? And what's the deal with the survivors' seemingly endless amount of bullets?

Those are just a few of the details the minds behind the series hope you don't pick up on while watching.

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    The Zombies Are Incredibly Stealthy

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    The undead on The Walking Dead share some common traits. Many of them - moaning, clumsy movement, lack of intelligence - should make them unsuitable for stealth. Yet that doesn't stop them from being able to sneak up on people all the time. They even do it in forests, despite being surrounded by noisy twigs and leaves.

    One clear example of this comes in the Season 8 episode "Do Not Send Us Astray," when Tobin becomes a walker. As a zombie, he is still able to sneak up on and attack two different people undetected.

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    The Cars All Run Perfectly

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    Almost every car or vehicle the survivors come across has remained fully operational, despite many having sat on the side of the road for months or even years. Gas has an expiration date and goes bad after sitting in a tank for a long period. Car batteries also lose their charge if a vehicle sits unused.

    Add to this the lack of flat tires, missing fluids, and other issues, and all of the cars in The Walking Dead are unrealistically operational. Examples of this can be seen in the Season 7 episode "Rock in the Road."

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    There Aren't Any Reanimated Children

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    With a few notable exceptions - such as in Season 1's "Days Gone Bye" or Sophia in the Season 2 episode "Pretty Much Dead Already" - there is a noticeable lack of child zombies. It's possible most of them have already been killed, but there should still be plenty of undead kids.

    Even in episodes like Season 4's "Isolation," which shows thousands of walkers at one time, there are no children among them.

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    Someone's Mowing The Lawns

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    One thing on The Walking Dead that makes the show feel less apocalyptic: all the well-manicured lawns. Considering that walkers have been around for years, gardens are still kept largely under control. Rather than being neat and tidy, any area of vegetation should be overgrown.

    The survivors are not mowing the lawns - they've got bigger things on their minds. So it's unclear how lawns, such as those shown in the Season 5 episode "Strangers," are staying so trim.

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