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The Most Ingenious Methods Burglars Use to Break Into Your Home

Burglars rarely snoop around in black turtlenecks and matching masks, or with burlap sacks with big dollar signs painted on the front, which makes it much harder to know who’s trying to break into your home these days. Due to the proliferation of burglary techniques on the internet, and the spider web of nefarious information that can be found with even a cursory Google search, breaking into someone’s house or apartment has become incredibly easy.

So how do you defend yourself against all the crafty B&Eers? Is there some kind of deterrent that will make your home burglar-proof? Aside from hanging your collection of severed human hands from every tree limb in your front lawn, knowledge may be the only shield against the crooks that are salivating at the thought of rummaging through your things while you’re at work.

How do burglars break into your home? There are so many ways! No matter what kind of locks you have on your doors, it seems like any seasoned burglar knows how to work an angle that puts them inside your house, and your stuff in their possession. Most burglary techniques seem to consist of a good plan and timing. Criminals who have been breaking into houses for a long time tend to exploit any weaknesses that they can, from your lack of attention to detail, to the broken key in your lock. Keep reading to learn about the devilishly clever ways that burglars can break into your home - and don’t forget to lock your doors. 

  • Thieves Pass Out Fake Junk Mail To Find Vulnerable Homes

    You know all of those useless flyers for Chinese take-out and 37-inch pizzas that cost $4 that you never take off your door? Maybe you should get in the habit of immediately throwing them away.

    It turns out that one of the trade secrets of residential burglars is to place menus and flyers on a selection of homes to get a closer look, check for alarms, and determine if anyone is home or on vacation

  • Burglars Will Spend Days Or Weeks Memorizing Your Routine

    One of the most important aspects of making a career out of B&E is learning how to be patient while you case a home. Burglars tend to watch the homes they're going to break into for days, if not longer, to learn the household schedule. And if they notice that you're doing something out of the ordinary, like attending a funeral or going on vacation, that's when they strike.

    According to ADT, most break-ins occur during the summer months, right when you're taking the kids to Lake Funtimewaterparty. 

  • The Classic Credit Card Trick Really Does Work

    Video: YouTube

    We've all seen cucumber-cool characters break into everything from homes to restricted government buildings with nothing but a credit card in films and television - but is this kind of thing really possible? Of course!

    However, it only works on doors with a spring bolt. If you have a door without a dead bolt, there's an excellent chance that someone could break into your home in under a minute. About 60% of burglars use some kind of forced entry to get into a home, so make them put in the effort and install an extra lock or two on your door. 

  • Burglars Follow You On Social Media

    It's safe to say that most people overshare online, and it's never been easier for burglars who want to have an intimate knowledge of your comings and goings to find you online, figure out when you're going to Burning Man, and steal everything that you love.

    How do you combat crafty thieves from keeping up with you online? First off, stop adding people you don't know on Facebook, and quit checking in everywhere you go. David Walsh, the chief executive at Netwatch, says, "You may think that checking in at the airport is a nice way to let your friends and family know that you’re going on holiday, but in reality you are also letting people know that your home is empty and an easy target."