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17 Insane Injuries That Happened on Live TV

Having people perform stunts on live TV is one of those things that sounds like it’s a great idea until someone is taking a flaming arrow to the chest. Thanks to proliferation of reality programming and variety shows in general, live tv injuries are fairly commonplace in the modern entertainment landscape. So much so that live television injuries aren’t just happening on variety shows. If you’re lucky, you can catch people getting hurt on local news broadcasts, and your favorite shopping channel. Cover your face with your hands and get ready to check out these things that happened on live TV.

People get hurt all the time in sports, but those aren’t the kind of injuries on live TV that we’re talking about. Most of the people that we’re covering who were hurt on live TV didn’t sign up to be punched by a stranger or set on fire by an overeager talk show host, they just wanted to peddle their wares and go home. If anything, this cavalcade of people getting hurt on TV should serve as a warning to any of you daredevils that want to take your act to the small screen. Don’t let someone shoot you with a flaming arrow or throw an axe at you unless you’re sure that you can make it out alive. Keep reading to find out about the folks who were injured on TV.