prisons Inmates Record Video, Narrate Details While Brazenly Breaking Out Of Jail  

Rebecca High

Hossein Nayeri was convicted of kidnapping and torture along with several others. When he and his cohorts broke out of jail in 2016, they filmed themselves doing it and this video shows excerpts from that contraband cell phone recording.

In 2012, Hossein and his group allegedly kidnapped a medical marijuana distributor, dragging him out to the Mojave Desert to castrate him and light him on fire. Hossein denies the allegations, claiming he filmed his prison escape to send a message about unjust treatment by law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

After managing to escape the maximum security wing at a jail in Orange County, the group was on the run for a week before they were recaptured and imprisoned. 

The creepy video also includes photos of another victim, a cab driver who had the misfortune to pick up the escapees after they flew the coop. They allegedly held him hostage for a terrifying week as authorities gave chase.