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30 Innocent People Who Were Almost Executed

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List of people who were exonerated after serving on death row

In many states, the death penalty is handed down for the most serious crimes, such as murder. This is a list of people who were exonerated after serving time on death row, having been convicted of crimes they didn't commit and given the death penalty. Though this is a list of people who were proven innocent before they were executed, there are hundreds more people in the United States who were proven not guilty of their crimes, and some who have been put to death, before their innocence was discovered.

Many people are wrongfully convicted of crimes due to lack of forensic evidence to conclude that they did not commit the crime. Unfortunately, the justice system is flawed. Though the jury is trained to make decisions on the notion of "beyond all reasonable doubt," sometimes human error can be a costly mistake and send innocent people to prison, and even death row, for many years. Sometimes, a witness even misidentifies the suspect.

Today, advancements in forensic science have helped DNA testing exonerate many convicted murders and release them from prison. Thanks to the tireless work of many organizations, such as the Innocence Project, many previously convicted felons are now receiving the justice they deserve. Which death row inmates have been proved innocent before they were executed? Read through the list below to find out.