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The American Apparel Employee Handbook Is Outright Ridiculous And Often Creepy

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Every company has its own guidelines and standards for conduct in the workplace, but crazy American Apparel employee rules take things to a new level. Henry David Thoreau once said "beware of all enterprises that require new clothes," but the creepy rules American Apparel employees have to follow really bring that advice home.

From makeup to shoes and hairstyles, American Apparel employees were really earning their minimum wage pay, "properly" representing the image of the company. Weird American Apparel policies ran the gamut from mundane – like making employees buy and wear company clothes at work – to off-putting, such as requiring managers take pictures of employees so the company's CEO could review them.

Companies often say employees are the most important part of their business, but based on stories from former associates and managers, it's no surprise then that American Apparel went bankrupt and fired its founder and CEO. Yes, this list of insane American Apparel employee rules will have you thankful you were never an associate for the company.