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Dark And Buckwild Courtney Love Stories That Could Have Only Happened To Courtney Love

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There are many crazy Courtney Love stories, insane but true incidents that range from the bizarre to the pathetic. After an unconventional upbringing and a youth spent dancing topless and making movies, Love first burst into the music scene in the late '80s as the frontwoman of the alt-rock outfit Hole. She quickly captured the public's imagination with her babydoll dresses and brash, in-your-face lyrics. Love's celebrity increased once she fell in love with – and eventually married – Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.

Initially, wild Courtney Love tales only endeared her to the grunge audience that worshipped her and her husband as the Bonnie and Clyde of rock 'n' roll. But beneath Love's occasional flashes of brilliance, a relentlessly public slide into addiction, bad behavior, and arrogance eventually destroyed any semblance of a positive image and career for her. And when you're talking about the craziest things Courtney Love has done, you can't leave her parenting off the table; she used heroin while she was pregnant and reportedly hasn't been the most attentive mother since.

The numerous freakouts and repeated public appearances while under the influence have permanently marked Love as a laughing stock and punchline within the music industry. Facts about Courtney Love aren't easy to read, but they paint a strangely fascinating portrait of a complicated, controversial woman.

  • She Used Heroin During Her Pregnancy

    Photo: Nirvana Whxre / via YouTube
  • She's Rumored To Be Involved In Kurt Cobain's Death

    Photo: superkukisbros / via You Tube
  • She Killed Her Daughter's Pets

    Photo: Mikey Glazer / via YouTube
  • She Attacked Her Manager's House At Three In The Morning

    Photo: AmandaFarah / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 4.0