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10 Insane Facts About Biosphere 2, The Largest Contained Experiment Ever

Nowadays, the ambitious and wild Biosphere 2 experiment is only remembered as a footnote to the Pauly Shore film Bio-Dome, which is a shame. The Biosphere 2 project was ambitious, idealistic, and apocalyptic; it was some pretty crazy science wrought with drama, intrigue, cults, and billionaires. There are many wild Biosphere 2 stories as a testament to this fact. In short, its movie should have been a David Fincher thriller instead of a low-budget comedy.

The Biosphere 2 experiment was a closed artificial ecological system. It was three acres and five ecosystems - ocean, rainforest, desert, mangrove wetlands, and savannah grasslands - the world's largest formal experiment. The plan for Biosphere 2 was to test human interaction with the environment by sealing eight people in the closed Biosphere for two years, from September 26, 1991 to September 26, 1993. Wearing outfits designed by Marilyn Monroe's former dressmaker, the participants - called Bionauts - stepped into the closed ecosystem where they would be closely monitored by Mission Control. The whole project was undertaken in the hopes of proving biomes were sustainable environments that could potentially lead to Martian colonization. Read on to discover some crazy things you didn't know about Biosphere 2.