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Insane Fan Theories About Adventure Time

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Adventure Time might be branded as a kids show on Cartoon Network, but that hasn't stopped scores of adults and teenagers from flocking to the show. Fans often find the complex underlying narratives of the show and create elaborate fan theories from them. Some of the best Adventure Time fan theories revolve around the infamous Mushroom War that turned the land of Ooo into what we see it as today. 

Some fan theories about Adventure Time are all about the characters while others hypothesize about the land of Ooo itself. As it is with most popular fantasy TV shows, some of the Adventure Time theories are completely off the wall and some are depressingly dark. Just the idea of two of these theories is enough to ruin the show for anyone who thought it was a cutesy, fun-loving tale about a boy and his magical dog.

Luckily, to go along with each grim conspiracy, there are plenty of fun and hilarious theories as well and with every theory, the show only gets more and more interesting. The best part is, with the absurd things that can and frequently do happen in the world of Adventure Time, no one theory is completely implausible.

Check out this list of insane Adventure Time fan theories and if you have one of your own, share it in the comments section!
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    The Show Portrays an Alternate End to the Cold War

    Photo: Cartoon Network
    Adventure Time is set in a world that was supposedly destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse now known as the Great Mushroom War. Because of '80s and '90s references made on the show, many people believe that it is actually an alternate reality showing what would have happened if the Cold War had escalated to nuclear warfare.
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    The Ice King Is Suffering from Dementia

    Photo: Cartoon Network

    This theory puts a particularly depressing spin on the show. The Ice King is a metaphor for, and is suffering from, dementia. All the signs are there including depression, loss of empathy, memory loss, disorganization, bouts of anger, and more.

    The Ice King might not be such a bad guy, he might just be suffering from a dreadful condition.

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    Princess Bubblegum Is a Sociopath

    Photo: Cartoon Network

    According to this theory, Princess Bubblegum has many of the telltale signs of being a sociopath. She has no remorse for lying, she has shown a lack of empathy, she is highly intelligent at times, she has shown that she can be cruel while appearing kind to others, and she is good at hiding her emotions.

    In other words, she just might be the next Hannibal Lecter.

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    The People of Ooo Are Trying to Bring Back Humans

    Photo: Cartoon Network

    Not all the people of Ooo are trying to bring back the humans, but Princess Bubblegum, the Candy People, and the dogs are. This theory asserts that Finn is one of the only humans left that could carry on the human race. The groups that are trying to bring humans back are doing so because they remember humans fondly and were original inhabitants of earth when humans were around, unlike some of the other races who came from different planets and dimensions.

    Princess Bubblegum and Jake are actively protecting Finn to ensure the survival of the human race for the future.

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