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Insane Fan Theories About Adventure Time

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Adventure Time might be branded as a kids show on Cartoon Network, but that hasn't stopped scores of adults and teenagers from flocking to the show. Fans often find the complex underlying narratives of the show and create elaborate fan theories from them. Some of the best Adventure Time fan theories revolve around the infamous Mushroom War that turned the land of Ooo into what we see it as today. 

Some fan theories about Adventure Time are all about the characters while others hypothesize about the land of Ooo itself. As it is with most popular fantasy TV shows, some of the Adventure Time theories are completely off the wall and some are depressingly dark. Just the idea of two of these theories is enough to ruin the show for anyone who thought it was a cutesy, fun-loving tale about a boy and his magical dog.

Luckily, to go along with each grim conspiracy, there are plenty of fun and hilarious theories as well and with every theory, the show only gets more and more interesting. The best part is, with the absurd things that can and frequently do happen in the world of Adventure Time, no one theory is completely implausible.

Check out this list of insane Adventure Time fan theories and if you have one of your own, share it in the comments section!