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Of Course Foreign Countries Have Absolutely Preposterous Theme Parks

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List RulesVote up the craziest theme parks you can't believe people pay real human money to go visit.

Crazy theme parks aren't just insanely dangerous. There are numerous unique parks around the world that may leave you scratching your head at the weirdness of it all, but possibly plunking down money for an entrance ticket nonetheless. For example, South Korea has Love Land, a bizarre and larger-than-life erotic theme park on what's known as "honeymoon island." There's a mostly-defunct homage to Oz (which happens to be in the US). And Germany has converted nuclear power plant complete with a swing ride in its hollow core! Yes, there are indeed some super weird theme parks around the world, including, to no one's surprise, a few ripoffs, as well. Everyone wants a good Disney World knockoff, after all. Still, these are some super original, super wild parks around the world, and tons of people actually spend good money to get into them!

What's most interesting about these theme parks in foreign countries is just how different they are from most parks you'd find in the US, whether it be due to different standards of what constitutes fun, or America's hangups about "indecent exposure." But parks around the globe often offer a unique glimpse into other cultures and how they address topics both trivial and historical.

Here are some international theme parks that are way out there and will blow your mind — vote up the most preposterously unique parks of them all!

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