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10 Epic Moments When Storm Was the Baddest Member of the X-Men

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Goddess. Leader. Queen. Over the years, Storm has been many things, but as one of the most enduring characters in the Marvel Universe, Ororo Munroe has never been boring. From her debut in 1975, through countless storylines and appearances in practically every Marvel animated show ever produced and every run of X-Men comics, Storm has been a mainstay of Marvel. She’s been to the ends of the universe, and has stood toe to toe with the most powerful forces in creation without so much as batting an eye. Throughout several incarnations and varying power levels, Storm has shown over and over why she considered one of the most powerful mutants in existence, and why she’s been one of a very few characters to lead the X-Men over the years.

Storm has saved the day too many times to count, often without the use of her weather-manipulating powers. Keep reading to see times when Storm was a total badass.

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    Storm Takes on Cyclops for Control of the X-Men

    Storm has repeatedly faced off against larger, stronger foes and beaten them. She’s also shown time and time again why she is one of the most capable leaders the X-Men have ever had. Chris Claremont's X-Men #201 presents a conflicted Scott Summers (aka Cyclops). He finds trouble balancing his duties as a new father with those of leading the X-Men, and because he is who he is he can’t force himself to give up. Storm challenges Summers for control of the X-Men and they face off. Storm agrees not to use her powers, and Summers condescendingly offers to set his visor for “ultra-low,” to which she answers with an indifferent “as you wish.” Once the fight begins, it isn’t even close. Storm out-thinks Cyclops at every turn and shuts him down without leaving a single mark.

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    Storm Is Stronger Than Even She Realizes

    Storm suffers from severe claustrophoia. She suffers from this condition because, as a child, she was buried under tons of rubble - with the bodies of her parents - after a failed air assault in Cairo. In Uncanny X-Men #147, Doctor Doom has encased Storm in a second skin made of chrome. It’s an exquisite form of torture and Doom knows it. What he hasn't considered, though, is how Storm's powers will manifest when he confronts her with her greatest fear. Storm warps weather patterns around her into a storm too powerful to measure. She centers the storm on Doctor Doom’s Latverian castle, and people feel the effects as far away as Southeast Asia.

    Once the X-Men force Doom to release her, she becomes the personification of the storm. Her fear turned her into something primal and beyond consciousness - she’s so powerful she’s literally a force of nature. Both Doom and the X-Men are helpless before her, and only the memory of Jean Grey pulls her back before she kills everyone, friend and foe.

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    Storm's Fight to the Death

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    Storm is a not only a super-powered threat, she also has no problem mixing it up in hand-to-hand combat. In Uncanny X-Men #170, Storm, sick with fever and plague, is forbidden from using her elemental powers. As the leader of the X-Men she accepts a knife-fight challenge from Callisto, a vicious street fighter and leader of the Morlocks. Storm must fight to save the lives of Nightcrawler and several other X-Men - and the fight is to the death for control of Callisto's gang. Storm ends the battle with a lethal and merciless dagger strike directly to Callisto’s heart, defeating her and automatically becoming the new leader of the Morlocks.

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    Storm Refuses the Power of the Gods

    In Uncanny X-Men Annual #9, Loki kidnapped Storm and her pupils, the New Mutants, and took them to Asgard. In the absence of both Mighty Thor and All-Father Odin, the X-Men immediately go to Asgard to find their leader and her students. Using his powers of deceit and trickery, Loki has convinced Storm that he is benevolent, and has placed upon her the mantle and hammer of the Goddess of the Storm.

    After nearly killing Wolverine, Storm finally sees the light and realizes Loki has her fooled. Loki admits his treachery and Storm forces him to make amends. As a token of grace, he also offers Storm a chance to retain the powers he gave her in Asgard. Storm refuses Loki’s gift, insulting him to his face. Even as he sputters in indignation, he is undoubtedly impressed and astonished by her insolence and her spirit.

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