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8 Of The Most Insane Sole Survivor Stories

Updated 6 Dec 2019 2.8m views8 items

One of the most harrowing things that can happen to someone is to be the sole survivor of a horrible accident or massacre. The emotional toll of being a lone survivor weighs heavily on anyone who has ever seen their entire family or group of close friends perish in an instant. The lone survivor is a modern true-crime trope, and for good reason; it’s genuinely miraculous when someone manages to live through a disaster, be it personal, environmental, or otherwise.

As you’ll come to see, there is no such thing as normal survivor stories. Everyone who has lived through a tragedy has a different story; some of them have lived through an attempted murder, and others have watched entire camps of people die in front of them. In many aspects, the life of a survivor is unenviable, to say the least.

Imagine being the only person left alive after a plane crash. At first you would probably feel gracious for being lucky enough to live through such a nightmare, but then the survivor’s guilt would set in, and that’s when things get dark. All of the stories you’re about to read are full of strong people who survived horrific tragedies, some political, and some personal. Keep reading to find out about the most wild sole survivor stories where people lived through the unthinkable.