15 Mysterious Safes And Their Unexpected Contents

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? The Reddit What'sInThisThing page has a bevy of stories about safes being opened and weird stuff showing up where you least expect it. It’s rare that you find a safe in your home or on your property, but, when you do, it’s best to take step-by-step notes in order to showcase your sleuthing skills and build a mystery. That's so that, when you inevitably find a cache of Confederate money or a series of items relating to the Women’s Suffrage Movement, you feel like you’ve provided a satisfactory story for everyone involved. Of course, not all mystery safes opened contain the spoils of a bygone era; some of them are just full of spiders. Keep reading to find out which safes are full of secrets and which ones are just kind of gross.

What would you do if you found a mysterious safe in your home? Would you immediately run out and rent a blowtorch to crack it open? Or would you grab the first heavy thing within reach and start smashing the handle? On this list of mysterious safes, you’ll see a variety of methods for opening lock boxes that contain everything from incredibly illegal material to neat-o relics from history. If these stories of people finding cool things in safes inspire you, start boning up on your lock-picking skills and start hunting for safes; maybe you’ll even become Reddit famous.