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Fantastically Expensive Pieces Of Video Game Equipment

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Vote up the priciest video game accessories that are just absurd.

You may or may not remember these video game accessories and peripherals that time forgot. Either way, they serve as a reminder that from the very beginning of the video game industry, manufacturers have always tried to sell accessories to players as a way of earning some extra money. Just look at Duck Hunt, which required the NES Zapper to shoot targets on a screen. The problem is that most of the pricey video game peripherals put a significant dent in players' wallets.

Even standard hardware for 21st century consoles can be costly, but the most expensive video game equipment takes this to far greater extremes. These are not typical $100 controllers or vanity customization items. The products on this list are pieces of crazy expensive video game gear that can really hurt your bank balance - often at prices that only the mega rich could ever realistically afford. Take heart, though, from the fact that no one really needs any of these extraordinarily lavish accessories to truly enjoy gaming at its best. Vote up the most ridiculously expensive video game products.