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The Freakling Brothers' Haunted House Is So Disturbing Every Participant Needs To Sign A Waiver

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Haunted houses are always designed to be scary, but the Freakling Brothers haunted houses take scary to a new level. The Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror attractions in Las Vegas - made up of Castle Vampyre, Circus of Horrors and Gates of Hell - are all particularly bone chilling experiences. Inspired by the haunted houses his father built growing up, creator J.T Mollner strove to create haunted house experiences so scary that certain patrons wouldn't be able to make it all the way through. With the Gates of Hell, one of the most terrifying haunted houses in existence, he succeeded admirably. 

Visitors need to sign a waiver before entering - and for good reason. Guests are pushed, prodded, groped, and verbally dressed down by actors who portray a wide array of terrifying characters and creatures. Many guests don't make it very far and use the safe word to escape early. While not for everyone, some guests report the experience as life changing. If they can make it through the Gates of Hell, they reason, they can do pretty much anything. 

Here's all the literally gory details.

  • Guests Must Agree To Resist Nothing Before Entering

    When you buy your tickets for the haunted house, you're warned you must be prepared to be separated from your group, tolerate simulated assault and harassment, and have your clothing possibly damaged or removed. They also include the warning that you should not resist anything that occurs during the experience. The websites warns that resisting or fighting with the actors could lead to serious accidents or injuries.

  • There Is A Room That Adminsters Electric Shocks To Guests

    It’s not just the actors who make visitors physically uncomfortable. In one room, guests are actually subjected to mild electric shocks. According to reviewers, visitors experience painful shocks as they scream and attempt to exit the room. This is probably one of the reasons guests with pacemakers are not allowed to go through the haunted house.

  • Guests Are Immediately Shoved Into A Tiny Room

    Unlike many haunted houses, there are no rules about the actors interacting with guests physically. Actors are allowed to push, prod, and even fondle guests. In fact, the moment people enter the Gates of Hell, a swarm of actors quickly push guests into an isolated box. Claustrophobic guests will be especially uncomfortable right off the bat.

  • A Safe Word Will Allow Any Freaked Out Guests The Chance To Leave

    Not everyone can make it through the Gates of Hell attraction. Before visitors enter, they’re informed that there’s a safe word they can yell if they become uncomfortable. If a guest wants to leave at any point they just need to yell out, “Purgatory!” Then they will be escorted out.