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"Inside Llewyn Davis" movie quotes follow one aspiring musician struggling to navigate New York's folk music world in the 1960s. The comedy-drama was written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, who co-produced the film with Scott Rudin. After earning high honors at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, "Inside Llewyn Davis" was released in the United States on December 6, 2013.

In "Inside Llewyn Davis," the title character, portrayed by Oscar Isaac, is introduced as a folk singer who yearns to share his music with the world. While he did see some mild success as part of a duo with his late partner, Llewyn now struggles to afford food, clothing and shelter as a musician. The film follows his a week in his life as he seeks help from friends and family, looks for work and strives to audition for a music mogul that could change his life for the better.

The film features music performed by the co-stars which include Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund, F. Murray Abraham and others. T-Bone Burnett and Marcus Mumford produced the music for the movie.

"Inside Llewyn Davis" enters the movie scene just in time for award season consideration where it will go up against others in theaters at the same time including "Out of the Furnace," "12 Years a Slave," "Frozen," "Oldboy," "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," "Delivery Man," "Nebraska," "Sunlight Jr.," "Last Vegas," "Ender's Game, "The Counselor," "Bad Grandpa," "Escape Plan," "The Fifth Estate," "Captain Phillips," "Gravity," "Machete Kills," "Runner Runner," "Don Jon," "Rush, "Prisoners,", "Enough Said," "The Family," and "Riddick,".
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Who Does That?

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Roland Turner: "What'd you say you played?"
Llewyn Davis: "Folk songs"
Roland Turner: "Folk songs, I thought you said you was a musician… Solo act?"
Llewyn Davis: "No, I had a partner. He threw himself off the George Washington Bridge."
Roland Turner: "George Washington Bridge? You throw yourself off the Brooklyn Bridge, traditionally. George Washington Bridge, who does that?"

While riding in the car with Roland Turner, Llewyn Davis is pressed with questions about his career. Interestingly enough Roland is more interested in the bridge Llewyn's former partner used to commit suicide than he is about Llewyn's music.
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Just Exist?

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Joy: "What if the music's not…"
Llewyn Davis: "What, quit? Just exist?"

Joy tries to talk some sense into Llewyn, to urge him to seek out a real job and try to give up his music career. Llewyn sees it differently. Without music, he simply exists rather than contributes.
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So, I Can't Stay Here Tonight?

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Jean Berkey: "Explain the cat!"
Troy Nelson: "What's its name?"
Llewyn Davis: "I… I don't know. It's the Gorfein's cat. It slipped out and I don't have the key."
Jean Berkey: "Do you think you are staying here tonight?"
Llewyn Davis: "I was hoping to."
[Jean hands Llewyn a note stating that she's pregnant]
Llewyn Davis: "So, I can't stay here tonight?"

Jean Berkey: "Don't tell Jim, obviously."

Llewyn heads to the home of Jim and Jean Berkey hoping to stay the night. Jean is not happy to see Llewyn, first that he left a cat at her apartment but also by the fact that she's pregnant, and not by her husband.
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You Have to Owe Me Something

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Llewyn Davis: "How we doing?"
Mel: "We're doing great."
Llewyn Davis: "Really? New record's doing well?"
Mel: "Ah, how we doing? Not so hot, I gotta be honest. Jenny, where's Cincinnati?"
Jenny: "What?"
Mel: "Cincinnati, it's not in here."
Jenny: "It should be in there."
Mel: "It's not in here. I'm telling ya."
Jenny: "Cincinnati?"
Mel: "Yeah"
Jenny: "I got it."
Mel: "What?"
Jenny: "I got it."
Mel: "You got Cincinnati?"
Jenny: "Yeah, you want it?"
Mel: "Could I have it?"
Jenny: "Should I bring it in?"
Mel: "Yeah"
Llewyn Davis: "You owe me something? You have to owe me something."
Mel: "I wish. People need time, you know, to get to know you, buy you as a solo act, even know you're a solo act… Cincinnati is not good."
Jenny: "That's it, right?"
Mel: "Yeah, this is it."
Llewyn David: "No one knew us when we were a duo. It's not like we were a big act. It's not a big re-education for the public. Mel? Mel?!"
Mel: "How you doing kid?"
Llewyn Davis: "Mel, there was no advance on my solo record. There's gotta be some royalty. For christ sake, it's cold out and I don't even have a winter coat."
Mel: "You're kidding me. Take this, kid."
Llewyn Davis: "No, no"

Llewyn heads to meet with Mel at his record company's office with the hopes that his solo album has brought in some earnings. The news isn't good however, neither is Mel's sense of indifference to his struggles.
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