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27 Easter Eggs Hidden in Pixar's Inside Out

Have you seen Pixar's Inside Out yet? If you haven't, what in the world have you been up to? Pixar managed a huge return to form with Inside Out. It had the heart and emotionality of the first few heartbreaking minutes of Up, the memorable team of characters of the Toy Story films, the spirit of Finding Nemo, the inventiveness of Wall-E, and the animation and fun of The Incredibles. In short, it wasn't Cars 2 and, don't worry, it as full of Easter eggs that eagle-eyed Pixar fans surely spotted.

Inside Out is an incredibly dense film with heart, soul, and a bevy of Easter eggs, hidden features, and references to other Pixar movies. It, being a Pixar film, also has an incredible amount of Easter eggs. Short of maybe Marvel Studios, no one does Easter eggs like Pixar and they did not disappoint with their latest offering. The Pixar Pizza Truck? Check. A113? Check. John Ratzenberger? Check. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

These are the best Easter eggs from Pixar's Inside Out! Vote up the best hidden features from this instant classic Pixar film below!

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    Riley's Brain Uses Images It Knows

    Cards appear throughout Inside Out, both within and outside of Riley’s subconscious. (They are most prominently seen in the various attempts to build a full house of cards in Imagination Land.)

    If you look closely, the face cards feature Riley (as her own separate class, R) and her parents (as the King and Queen, respectively).

    It's a nice choice stylistically and a subtle way of showing how the pre-teen girl views her family dynamic.

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    The Long Term Memory Is Shaped Just Like A Brain

    The world inside Riley’s head is meticulously constructed, managing to name-check all manner of mental processes in a wholly logical, plot-relevant way. And it didn't even seem blatant in its exposition.

    The film is so chock-full of smart realizations of in-brain elements, you probably missed a few of them. 
    One of the best is how the curved shelves of long-term memory are shaped so that when viewed from above they look like the exterior of a human brain.

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    The Infamous Pizza Truck Rides Again

    The Pizza Truck is rumored to be in the movie not once, not twice, but three times. We could only spot it once as it appeared in a Memory Orb that rolled by. Keep an eye out for more! The Pizza Truck appears in nearly every single Pixar film.
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    Joy's Coloring Is Sneaky Foreshadowing

    The film ends with the acceptance that sadness is an important part of life; that should be welcomed. 

    All of the emotions exist in block colors: Anger is red, Sadness is blue, Fear is purple, and Disgust is green. The only exception is Joy, who not only has blue hair, but also a strong blue glow.

    That essentially means that Joy has always been slightly tinged with Sadness, which nicely hints at the third act realization.

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