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27 Easter Eggs Hidden in Pixar's Inside Out

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Have you seen Pixar's Inside Out yet? If you haven't, what in the world have you been up to? Pixar managed a huge return to form with Inside Out. It had the heart and emotionality of the first few heartbreaking minutes of Up, the memorable team of characters of the Toy Story films, the spirit of Finding Nemo, the inventiveness of Wall-E, and the animation and fun of The Incredibles. In short, it wasn't Cars 2 and, don't worry, it as full of Easter eggs that eagle-eyed Pixar fans surely spotted.

Inside Out is an incredibly dense film with heart, soul, and a bevy of Easter eggs, hidden features, and references to other Pixar movies. It, being a Pixar film, also has an incredible amount of Easter eggs. Short of maybe Marvel Studios, no one does Easter eggs like Pixar and they did not disappoint with their latest offering. The Pixar Pizza Truck? Check. A113? Check. John Ratzenberger? Check. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

These are the best Easter eggs from Pixar's Inside Out! Vote up the best hidden features from this instant classic Pixar film below!

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    John Ratzenberger: The Voice Of Pixar

    John Ratzenberger still hasn't missed a Pixar film yet. He appears in Inside Out as a mind worker who installs a new control panel at the end of the film. He previously played everyone from Hamm in Toy Story to the Yeti in Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University. He's also the waiter in Ratatouille, the talking school of fish in Finding Nemo, Mack in Cars, John in WALL-E, P.T. Flea in A Bug's Life, and so, so much more. 

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    Nemo Has A Cameo

    About halfway through the movie, Joy is making her way through Imagination Land. If you look in the background, there is a stack of old board games. Right on top is a blue box, for a game is called “Find Me” which has a big picture of Nemo on it.
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    Pixar Always Teases Their Next Movie

    In all Pixar movies, there is an Easter egg which nods to their next film. In this case, Arlo, the main character in The Good Dinosaur, which comes out Thanksgiving 2015, appears in Inside Out.
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    The Director Makes A Cameo

    Pete Docter himself is the voice of Dad's Anger. Notice also how Anger, instead of Joy, is the chief emotion in Dad’s head, a subtle nod to the required balance Riley discovers at the end of the film.
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