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20 'Inside Out' Moments That Prove Just How Much Attention To Detail The Movie Has

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Those who have seen the Pixar film, Inside Out (2015), know just how much the movie tugs on the heartstrings of viewers of all ages. However, fans are now pointing out small yet intricate details they have caught while rewatching the movie, and it honestly makes our appreciation for the film grow even more. Vote on your favorite finds below!

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    Joy Is Pure Light

    Photo: u/JaxxisR / Reddit
    Incredible attention to detail?
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    The Mother May Be Prone To Depression, And The Father Prone To Anger Issues

    Photo: velvet74sub / Tumblr
    Incredible attention to detail?
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    Strong Continuity In All Of Anger's Newspaper Headlines

    Photo: u/TheRaven314 / Reddit
    Incredible attention to detail?
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    Riley's Wardrobe Reflects Her Emotional Stability Throughout The Movie

    Photo: u/TimeX13 / Reddit
    Incredible attention to detail?