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27 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About 'Inside Out'

Updated September 23, 2021 51.4k views27 items

2015's Inside Out is quickly moving up the ranks as one of Pixar's best films. It has just the heart and soul fans have come to expect from Pixar, in a wholly original setting, with a new team of characters audiences instantly fell in love with. The film is a classic Disney tale that not only reminds you what it's like to be a kid, but teaches adults a thing or two on the way.

Inside Out has had a storied history making it to the screen, even taking extra years in pre-production (beyond the standard rigorous production schedule animated films go through). It went through a whole slew of changes, from the number of characters involved to a shifting cast... even the lead writer left the project.

But it all turned out for the best and we have the trivia facts to show what it went through to get to the screen. Inside Out is also chock full of amazing Easter eggs (it wouldn't be a Pixar film if it wasn't, right?). These are the best fun facts from Pixar's Inside Out!

  • The Characters' Unique Textures Are Based On Energy

    Regarding the unique character design, Pete Docter said, "The characters are created with this energy because we are trying to represent what emotions would look like. They are made up of particles that actually move. Instead of skin and solid, it is a massive collection of energy."

    Source: Slashfilm
  • The Crew For 'Inside Out' Was Actually Smaller Than Most On A Pixar Film

    Inside Out's team of animators was actually only comprised of about 45 people. Most Pixar films boast teams of about twice that.

    Source: Daily News

  • Psychologists And Sleep Experts Worked Closely With The Writers

    Psychologists and other experts were consulted so the writers could make the way Riley's mind works in the film as scientifically accurate as possible. For example, it's believed that short-term memories made during the day are converted into long-term memories during sleep, so that's what happens in Riley's mind.

    Source: IMDb
  • There Are Different Versions Of The Film In Different Countries

    It's only one small change, but it's definitely an interesting one. Riley's father daydreams about either hockey or soccer depending on the country of release.

    Source: IMDb