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Facts About The Unknown World Of Adult Baby Diaper Lovers

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There are plenty of sexual fetishes out there, and many of them have been around for a long time. BDSM evokes images of leather, ball-gags, and chains while adult baby diaper lovers — or ABDLs — make many think of clothed butts. Diaper fetishism is a sexual movement that remains mysterious, especially when it comes to understanding what causes a diaper fetish and why a person takes pleasure from it. The world of ABDL is about more than just sex, its about role-play and regression, too.

  • Bottles And Toys Accompany Diapers Sometimes

    Adult babies in particular may use additional infant products, which includes bottles, rattles, pacifiers, and sippy cups. They may suck their thumbs and sleep in cribs as well.

    ABDLs that fully give into infantilism are thought to be looking for an attachment, perhaps as a response to the relationship they had with their own parents or other experiences from their childhoods. Whether or not the ABDL associates the exercise with a positive or negative relationship can affect if he or she receives pleasure from the experience. 

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    Diaper Fetishists May Just Like The Feel And Convenience Of A Diaper

    Not all diaper fetishists are adult babies, but rather are adults that just like to wear diapers. The feel of the cloth, the freedom of urinating without restriction, and the ability to not worry about everyday cares is a major part of the appeal for many diaper wearers. 

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    There Are Subsets Of ABDL Culture

    When a ABDL wears a diaper and takes on the gender role of the opposite sex, he or she is engaging in "sissy baby" activities.  "Sissy baby" syndrome is associated with a subset of ABDLs, but it's not the only derivation. ABDLs that like urine are urophilics, poop aficionados are coprophilics, and breast milk lovers are lactophilics. 

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    Dirty Diapers Aren't A Given With ABDLs

    Sometimes ABDLs use their diapers, sometimes they don't. The act of urinating or defecating isn't really the purpose of the diaper for many wearers. Using it is secondary to the gratification many ABDLs feel wearing the diaper.  Having a diaper changed, whether it has been used or not, is another aspect of the experience that doesn't require urination.

    ABDLs that do urinate and defecate report a high instance of leaking, especially cis men who have a hard time with placing their genitalia.