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18 Times 'King Of The Hill' Made A Really Good Point

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Any King of the Hill fan will no doubt have a long list of their favorite hilarious quotes, but there’s also a multitude of lines from the series that border on outright wisdom. Often cited as a show ahead of its time, King of the Hill aired for an impressive 13 seasons of dry hilarity. It's easy to look back and miss a show like this, so make sure to check out shows like King of the Hill here.

The show was rich enough to inspire fan theories, and it was about as much fun behind the scenes as it was onscreen. During its run, King of the Hill gained a following for its witty yet subdued writing that somehow managed to both mock and celebrate Texan culture. Nowhere is the quality of writing more apparent than in the multitude of hypocrisies and uncomfortable truths dropped by various characters throughout the series. 

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    Dale Gribble On The Second Amendment

    Numerous episodes of King of the Hill make arguments that are still used today, and Season 2’s first episode - which centers on the subject of the NRA - is one of the best examples. Dale Gribble espouses his defense of the Second Amendment with a simplistic belief that still holds a lot of ground in the United States.

    He says, "Let me ask you this: A guy breaks into your house, but you don’t have a gun. How are you going to shoot him?"

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    Peggy Hill On The Importance Of Entertainment

    Most of King of the Hill’s 13-season run came before social media took over society, but a Season 9, episode 11, quote from Peggy Hill could easily be applied to the distractions of our modern technological society.

    Peggy sagely tells her son Bobby, “Entertainment is the only thing that distracts people from realizing how much they don’t like each other.”

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    Hank Hill Drops Some Truth About Double Standards

    In Season 4, episode 2, of King of the Hill, Hank Hill finds himself in an uncomfortable conversation with his son, Bobby, about the birds and the bees. Bobby is perplexed at the notion that Hank wouldn’t want his daughter to have intimate relations, but is okay with his son doing it.

    Hank replies, “It’s called the double standard Bobby - don’t knock it; we got the long end of the stick on that one.”

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    Peggy Hill Puts Down Phoenix, Arizona

    One of the last episodes of King of the Hill - Season 13, episode 21 - features a classic Peggy Hill slam on Phoenix, Arizona, that hits hurtfully close to home. Angered by the desert's unbearable heat, Peggy makes a great point about humanity’s hubris in spreading civilization to the most hostile of environments.

    She says, “This city should not exist. It is a monument to man’s arrogance.”

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