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'The Cabin In The Woods' Monsters Vs. Their Inspirations

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List RulesVote up the best 'Cabin in the Wood' interpretations of these classic baddies.

2012's horror comedy Cabin in the Woods is considered a modern-day classic for horror fans, as the Drew Goddard-helmed pic was able to seamlessly blend slapstick with scares in a contemporary criticism of the horror genre. By making use of the hundreds of oft-used horror tropes that plague modern movies, the movie went meta as it employed dozens of familiar movie monsters to make its point. 

From creepy creatures lifted from the mind of Guillermo del Toro to a copyright-safe version of a celebrated Cenobite, Cabin in the Woods took aim at every horror trope it could, both for a laugh and to create effective scares. Here is a small sample of the creature features from Cabin in the Woods and the original monsters that inspired them. Vote up the fearful figures that best made use of their original inspirations. 

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