All The People Who Won Our Collective Hearts In 2018  

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Recalling all of the positive news stories of 2018 may not always seem like the easiest task. From natural disasters to political turmoil, 2018 has had no shortage of tragedy. However, amid all the sadness across the globe this year, there have been people out there trying to do their part to make the world a better place, even in a small way. So, before you throw up your hands in frustration, do yourself a favor and check out these people who won our hearts in 2018.

The best stories of the year can help bring you joy on a rough day when the headlines seem exclusively tragic. Some stories involve people overcoming personal tragedies and channeling their energy towards activism and charity, like the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting or the late Claire Wineland. However, not all inspirational stories are inherently linked to something tragic. There are some stories and people who went viral that provided simple joy in a dark world. On occasion, all it takes is a lost raccoon's rescue to put a smile on your face. 

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Claire Wineland

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Beloved YouTube personality Claire Wineland suffered from cystic fibrosis, a fatal genetic disorder that causes a buildup of mucus in the lungs. Wineland was known for uploading frank videos about death and dying and even started a foundation, Claire's Place Foundation, to help families living with cystic fibrosis. She announced in 2018 she was planning to undergo a double lung transplant to extend her life. In August, she underwent a transplant that seemed initially successful. However, she suffered a massive stroke shortly after the surgery and passed away on September 2 after being removed from life support. 

Wineland continued to inspire after her death, with thousands of people expressing grief across social media. She was also an organ donor, and her mother announced Wineland's kidneys saved the lives of two people. To keep her message of hope and perseverance alive, Oscar winning filmmaker Nicholas Reed announced he planned to make a documentary about Wineland and donate any money earned to Claire's Place. 

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Mamoudou Gassama

This May, Mamoudou Gassama, an undocumented French immigrant from Mali, earned a place in hearts around the world when he risked his life to save a young boy. It all began when he came upon the horrifying scene of a four-year-old clinging for his life to the balcony of a fourth story Paris apartment building. 

It didn't take much to see that the boy's time was limited, so Gassama sprung into action and scaled the building in order to pull the boy back to safety. The video of his heroic rescue quickly went viral and earned him the nickname "Spider-Man." Quickly sensing that this was a guy they'd like to keep, the French government promptly offered Gassama not only citizenship, but a job in rescue services. 

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Jalandhar Nayak

Perhaps among the first to start capturing hearts in 2018 was Jalandhar Nayak, a 45 year old Indian man whose story broke in January. Jalandhar lives in a remote village in India and found himself separated from the residential school where his sons study by hazardous, hilly terrain. After realizing it took his sons three hours of trekking over and around mountains to visit home, he decided to take matters into his own hands. 

For the last two years, he's spent eight hours a day clearing a new road through the mountains in order to make the commute from their school an easier one, but his endeavors came to worldwide attention in 2018. He quickly captured the hearts of pretty much the entire planet. Local officials heard of his quest and agreed not only to finish the road for him, but pay him for the work he'd already done. 

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The Trapped Thai Soccer Team

On June 23, 12 members of a Thai soccer team and their assistant coach entered a cave in rural Thailand and soon found themselves trapped inside by raising monsoon rain water. When they were finally discovered alive on July 2 by a pair of divers, the story of the trapped 13 quickly swept the world.

In the following days, an international rescue mission ensued, drawing the attention of hundreds of cave experts, rescuers, and military personnel from various countries. The rescue job proved difficult as narrow passageways, limited visibility, and the threat of another rainstorm made entering the cave risky. One Thai Navy SEAL even died when he ran out of oxygen attempting a rescue mission.

Thankfully, SEALs eventually rescued the 12 boys and their coach. By July 10, everyone was safely out of the cave. After a brief period of hospitalization, the boys reunited with their families safe and sound on July 18. 

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