Culture Happy Little Bob Ross Quotes Guaranteed To Make You Smile  

Mick Jacobs

Painter, TV show host, and public-appointed life coach Bob Ross brought more than just his skills with a brush to television: he also brought a calm, reassuring demeanor that continues to bring him fame to this day. Ross achieved much of this peaceful air through his encouraging quotes, the absolute best of which appear in the video below.

Ross approached everything in life with kindness and patience; impatience, uncertainty, and low self-esteem never appeared to plague him. Rather than showing off like some smug, over-enlightened weirdo, Ross tried to impart these teachings and mentalities to his audience.

After a period of time drilling people in the military, Ross vowed to upon the end of his service to never shout or lose his temper. This vow comes across clearly during his time on The Joy of Painting.

In case you forgot any of his little gems of wisdom, check out the video below featuring some of the best quotes by the late Bob Ross. If you're honest with yourself, this show should have been called The Joy of Bob Ross