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Youtube is the world's outlet to post for anyone to post their opinions, their art, and their life, sharing it with people internationally. It comes as no surprise, then, that the LGBT community has been the source of many good YouTube channels or that there is a wealth of LGBT YouTubers and vloggers enjoying success as they reach the world with their inspiring stories, hilarious commentary, and passion for their interests, whatever they may be.

Whether you're looking for someone to relate to your own journey, or a are just a fan of Youtube comedy and music, look no further than the YouTube channels on this list, tackling LGBT issues and LGBT news have it all. The gay and lesbian topics of these videos and sketches will entertain and enlighten not just other LGBT individuals, but anyone who is looking for heartfelt stories, music, comedy, and art.

These LGBT YouTubers have thousands of followers for a reason. They're the best gay and lesbian channels online. Which LBGT YouTube channels do you think are the greatest? Vote for the best channels below!
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ConnorFranta's channel consists of vlogs about his life along with skits and the occasional celebrity appearance. Plus, he's adorable!

ConnorFranta on YouTube
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MarkE Miller

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Mark has been posting weekly updates ever since he came out in 2012, and his stories (shot on a Go-Pro) are often as hilarious as they are touching.

MarkE Miller on YouTube
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With over two million subscribers, Tyler Oakley is one of the mega stars of the LGBT Youtube world. His perfect sass and satire (and hair!) are just a couple of the many reasons his channel is worth a watch.

Tyler Oakley on YouTube

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Bria and Chrissy

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Bria and Chrissy are a power couple focused primarily on creating awesome music together, as well as the occasional funny and informative sketch about life as lesbians.

Bria and Chrissy on YouTube
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