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Instagram User Turns Anime Characters Into Pancake Creations

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From self-proclaimed "otaku chef" Keisuke at La Ricetta in Zama, Japan comes a menagerie of anime pancake art in a tasteful celebration of the genre's most recognizable characters. The chef/artist shares his yummy creations on Instagram and YouTube, delighting viewers with battered-up versions of their favorite heroes, bishounens, idols, and more. Their food art videos allow you to witness their god-tier pancake flipping skills, not to mention the incredible detail they accomplish in a cooking pan. These anime figures as pancakes captured the hearts of over 97,000 followers on Instagram, who wish they could have their very own Victor or Maki every day for breakfast.

If you find yourself in Zama, you certainly can, as these crafty hotcakes aren't just for show but available to order at the restaurant! With so much of anime revolving around food, the best Keinagaki pancake art combines the genre with one of the things its viewers love so much. After all, the best kind of fan art is the kind you can eat.