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This Artist Is Blowing Up Instagram With His Extremely Detailed Drawings of Historic Buildings

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Artist Jeff Murray creates stunning, vast, and sometimes historical landscapes — with just the tip of a pen. Using a technique known as stippling, where the artist creates shapes and shading using miniscule dots and dashes, Murray manages to produce complex drawings of famous historical architecture, such as the Roman Colosseum, the Great Pyramids, and other impressive urban landscapes.

The London-born creative pulls breathtaking cityscapes from one of art's most underused tools and adds to them a personal flair that was borne out of his love for travel and exploration. From London to New York to Singapore, Murray manages to capture the essence of each city he pens.

Murray has taken to Instagram to showcase some of his work and the results will astound you; the pieces are intricately detailed and painstakingly executed, one dot or dash at a time.