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The 18 Greatest Instant Kill Moves In Anime, Ranked

While there's a lot of excitement to be found in multi-step battles, sometimes you just want a single epic move that ends the fight as soon as it appears. Instant kill anime moves are overwhelming in their power. Because they're so extreme, they either escalate or end the conflict in its tracks. Let's take a look at some of the coolest ones. 

Saitama's Serious Punch in One Punch Man is an obvious example - one punch from this guy automatically defeats his enemies, but the Serious Punch is so strong that he defeated his greatest enemy with the shock waves alone. There's also Overhaul, Kai Chisaki's Quirk in My Hero Academia, which let's him disassemble and reassemble matter with a simple touch. 

Which of these attacks impresses you the most?

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    No list about anime 1-hit KOs is complete without a nod to Saitama, a characters whose defining feature is his ability to destroy his opponents with a single punch. While lighter punches will only result in unconsciousness and therefore a win for Saitama, his Serious Punch is just about the most dangerous thing you could possibly encounter. In fact, we don't even know what happens when someone is actually hit by it - Boros was taken out via its shock waves alone. That's some serious power!

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    If a Death Note user knows a person's name and face, and writes their name down, that person's life will end. If no other instructions are written, they will have a heart attack and pass away within 40 seconds, but if the user wants to get fancy they can specify the time and cause, and control the person's actions surrounding their demise. There are a few other rules, but generally speaking, there's no way to avoid losing your life if your name's been written down.

    The only real difficulty is that not everybody's name and face are accessible - sure, you could trade half your life span for the Shinigami Eyes, but if you're like Light Yagami, you're not going accept that kind of deal - you have a kingdom to build, and you need all the years you have left to do it.

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  • Alchemy involves both destruction and creation, but sometimes all that's needed is the destruction part. While all alchemists take things apart at the molecular level, Scar has been shown using this blunt-force method in combat on multiple occasions. Most memorably, he blasted Shou Tucker to bits after finding out what he did to Nina and the family dog. In the 2003 version, he does the same thing to Nina out of mercy, but in the 2009 version he eliminates her using milder means. 

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  • One of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's most formidable attacks is All-Killing Ash Bones. Using this technique, Kaguya hardens her bones and lets them protrude from her skin. She then fires them like projectile weapons at a target. Anyone who is pierced by these bone missiles will completely disintegrate. As long as she can make contact with the target, this is guaranteed to work - there is no one in the Shinobi world who is powerful enough to overcome this. 

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