19 People Share Their Cringiest "Instant Regret" Moments In Relationships  

Dean Ritter
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We've all said things we regret. Sometimes it takes time for the regret to sink in. Other times, it's immediate. It's never good when your mouth moves faster than your brain. The subreddit r/AskMen asked their readers to share the most instantly regrettable exchanges they've had with their significant others. Here are some of our favorites. 

The Boyfriend From Midsommar?

From Redditor u/Joseph_Kokiri

Sometimes I get an idea that just feels hilarious (but isn’t.) One time, I took my girlfriend of two and a half years to a fancy restaurant. The napkins were black, and so for some reason I got the idea that I could fold it up like an engagement ring box and fake propose. So I did. I laugh to myself as I fold up the napkin into a box shape. I really quickly dropped out of my seat on one knee at the edge of the table and said something like “you’re my best friend and the love of my life.” And in that instant I knew what I had done. I saw her light up to the highest of highs, and then immediately drop into the lowest of lows. The rest of the dinner was awkward, but she forgave me. We got engaged for real a year later, and we’ve been married four years now and are expecting a little girl in January! It all worked out in spite of me.

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Very Bad Timing

From Redditor u/notahumanrobot

My ex had such a moment with me. She went on a tirade about how much she hates cats to me (she was allergic), and talked herself into sort of a frenzy about how cats just should all get exterminated for being stupid and annoying.

She didn't know that my cat had died earlier that day.

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Normally He Wears Contacts

From Redditor u/KittywithCoke

My boyfriend and I were talking about glasses frames because I need new ones.

Him: What do you think about clear ones?

Me: Nah, aren’t those out of style now? I think they make people’s faces look bad.

Him. Oh.

Guess who has clear frames and walked away sadly into the kitchen. I still feel bad. (Normally he wears contacts).

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Higher Education

From Redditor u/ithaka21

We hung our bachelor degrees on the living room wall. One day she asks: why does your get to hang above mine. I blurted: "because I actually use mine"....

It has since been replaced by her PhD and what's left of my sarcasm.

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