The Most Gratuitous Torture Horror Movies That Are Undeniably Sadistic

Bloody, gory, and full of splatter, torture horror movies have become a popular subcategory of the horror genre. The top torture p*rn movies put their characters through unimaginable hell, all for movie fans' viewing pleasure. This is a list of movies about sadism, featuring everything from Ichi the Killer to The Last House on the Left to The Hills Have Eyes.

What titles will you find on this list of the most prominent torture p*rn flicks? Maybe you'll vote the now-classic Saw to the top of the heap. The genre was almost defined by this 2004 film, which introduced the sadistic Jigsaw. Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses is another iconic film due in part to its disturbing character Captain Spalding - played by horror legend Sid Haig. Eli Roth became a director synonymous with torture p*rn films after releasing Hostel in 2005. Other intense films featured on this list include Seven, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and The Human Centipede.

The premises may be different, but these movies all set out to incite a sick thrill as characters are broken down both mentally and physically.

Photo: Hostel / Lionsgate/Screen Gems
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