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Mind-Blowing Facts About Dinosaurs That Make Us Question Everything

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Many people learned incredible facts about dinosaurs in grade school, but there are plenty of revelations not taught in the classroom. Images of these giant creatures roaming the Earth are inspired by popular culture representations, where they're most often depicted as carnivorous hunters. Continued investigation and recent dinosaur discoveries have reshaped much of what researchers and the public thought about dinosaurs, especially when it comes to different species, how they lived, why they disappeared, and if some types ever actually existed.

The things you never knew about dinosaurs may actually surprise you even more than the strangest dinosaur facts you already know. 

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    The Blue Whale Is Larger Than Any Dinosaur

    Argentinosaurus (found in Argentina in 1987) is the largest dinosaur ever discovered. Fossil evidence indicated it was more than 130 feet long and probably weighed between 70 and 80 tons. Even with that size, the Argentinosaurus still wasn't as large as the modern blue whale. Blue whales may reach 100 feet in length and can weigh more than 191 tons.

    While Argentinosaurus might be longer, the overall weight of the blue whale has earned it the title "Biggest Animal of All Time." 

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    Dinosaurs Had Shorter Days And Longer Years 

    Photo: J.T. Csotonyi / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.5

    Each year, it takes a little longer for the Earth to rotate on its axis. The difference is only a millisecond but, since the days of the dinosaurs, that time has added up. Two hundred million years ago, the average day spanned about 23 hours and one year lasted a whopping 385 days.

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    Dinosaurs Had Really Big Fleas

    In 2012, scientists in Mongolia identified two types of fossilized fleasPseudopulex jurassicus and Pseudopulex magnus. These flea species lived between 125 and 165 million years ago and were much larger than modern varieties. These dinosaur fleas were close to an inch long; they had claws and a mouth large enough to pierce the toughest skin. 

    With their serrated mouths and needle-like beaks, a bite from one of these fleas would have been particularly uncomfortable. 

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    Apatosaurus Could Break The Sound Barrier With Its Tail

    Apatosaurus lived 150 million years ago and boasted an impressive 90-foot length with a fast and ferocious tail. Based on computer simulations, the tail of an Apatosaurus moved in supersonic fashion when the animal needed to defend itself, communicate, or court another dinosaur. This was rapid enough to break the sound barrier. 

    However, some are not convinced by the simulation and have argued that the motion would have damaged the tail and caused it to break after just a few supersonic tail snaps. 

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