32 High-Speed Photos That Freeze Time And Show You The World In A New Way

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Photography is a great art that let's you experience the scene as a single snapshot. Many times pictures capture memories of people or landscapes we've seen. Other times they capture funny reactions or scenes that really make you look twice to understand just what's going on at that moment. But pictures are something that help us remember more than anything. 

So what about things we never thought to remember or see completely? Moments that pass so quickly, we hardly understand everything that happens in that split second. With high-speed photo capture, we're able to see what happens to all of the displaced liquid when a heavy object falls in a bowl, or what a balloon looks like when it's popped by a sharp object. Using high shutter speed, these magnificent pictures just might make you rethink what you know, and help you see the world in a totally different way.

Photo: < Warloofer > / Flickr / CC BY 2.0