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33 Incredible Videos That Show How Things Work

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There are all kinds of crazy videos on YouTube. Some are makeup tutorials, some are music videos, and some are lunatics being crazy. Others are ridiculously interesting, teach you something you might not have known, and are just plain cool. Want to see a water balloon pop in slow motion? You know you do. From a model being photoshopped to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, these fascinating videos, curated from YouTube, will enlighten, educate, and amaze you.

What are the coolest videos on YouTube? Spoiler alert: it's these ones. And if you can't get enough of this compilation of awesomeness, don't worry, there are lots of really cool pictures on the Internet too.
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    Braces Straightening Teeth

    Video: YouTube
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    Brick Paving Machine Laying a Path

    Video: YouTube
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    Time-Lapse Footage of the Earth as Seen from the ISS

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    iPad Speed Painting

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