Snacks Amazingly Weird International Fast Food Items With Which You'd Still Stuff Your Face  

Rebecca High

Marketing is a weird beast, and fast food chains are the kings of marketing gimmicks. After seeing this video, you may want to book a flight halfway around the world so you can try some of these bizarre international fast food offerings from some pretty familiar brands. 

You probably hadn't thought of KFC as the place you stop for some morning coffee, for example, but think again: Great Britain tested cups made from wafer cookies with white chocolate coating — which seems like a successful spin on "chicken and waffles," in all honesty.

In some Middle Eastern countries, opulence has been heightened to a ridiculous degree with crown-shaped "pizzas" laden with burger sliders and molten cheese. It's absolutely a meal fit for a monarch.

Whatever, though: McDonalds's Beanie Babies were still probably the best thing to ever happen to fast food marketing. Watch this video to see more global examples of stellar salesmanship.