Which Country Has the Coolest Police Cars?

Ever wonder about cop cars in faraway lands? Ever think about the police cars flashing lights and sirens on international streets? This list of police cars from all over the globe is for you, then. Take a global tour of the vehicles used by police forces here and abroad, each one matched to the country where it patrols the roads. Then vote up the coolest ones so we can settle once and for all just which countries have the slickest cop cars.

There's always been something a little cool about police cars, even the ones that aren't speed missiles. It doesn't take a 300 mph top speed to issue parking tickets, yet cop cars are usually stripped-down mean machines. Plenty of muscle cars and sports cars have worn the badge over the years.

But which is actually the coolest police cruiser? Is it a Bugatti that screams around Dubai, an armored personnel carrier in Colombia, or a futuristic bubble-car from China? It could even be a Beetle or a Smart Car, if that's what you think makes for a sweet cop car.

Sure, plenty of the world's most awesome police cars are basically publicity machines. Some of these are parade cars, but it's fun to imagine them in high-speed pursuits, matching velocities with bank robbers and drug smugglers. Don't get hung up on what police departments actually use these for, just imagine which police vehicle you'd most like to drive if you were a cop. Vote up the coolest cruisers so that we can crown one country the king of cop cars!

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    Dubai: Bugatti Veyron

    Dubai isn't the only country to use Veyrons as cop cars. They're actually something of a fashion statement for police forces in several Middle Eastern nations. But the Veyron looks particularly good in green and white. 
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    Italy: Lamborghini Huracan' LP-640

    Italy: Lamborghini Huracan' LP-640
    Photo: Rasevic / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0
    The Italians are known for keeping a supercar or two on police duty, mostly for PR and special occasions, but this latest Lambo is no show car. It's a legit interceptor, running daily duty issuing speeding tickets around the backroads of Turin and Milan. 
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    Dubai: McLaren MP4-12C

    Dubai's police force more or less collects supercars for a living - think "Jay Leno's Garage" with a badge, and you're pretty close. And this McLaren will undoubtedly be getting very close to speeders' bumpers in the near future. 
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    United States: Lamborghini Gallardo

    The Italians aren't the only ones with access to raging bulls. This Gallardo primarily does PR duty for the LAPD, but it's been known to send speeders home with tickets (and selfies) before. 
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    United Arab Emirates: Lykan Hypersport

    It costs $3 million, has diamonds in its headlights, and a civilian version was recently featured flying between skyscrapers in a Fast and Furious movie. Sounds like exactly the kind of car you want cops making donut stops in.
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    United States: MRAP

    United States: MRAP
    Photo: Raymond Wambsgans / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0
    In a not-at-all Orwellian display of police militarization, the National Defense Authorization Act has sent hundreds of these 30-ton armored battle wagons to police around the nation. Departments pay a paltry $2,000 for vehicles taxpayers originally bought for $700,000 each.
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