Here's What Happens When You Get Caught With Pot In Foreign Countries

While the United States gradually adopts a more progressive viewpoint on legalizing marijuana, the rest of the world has varying degrees of acceptance — or disapproval — when it comes to the drug. Marijuana policies around the world illustrate just how subjective attitudes toward pot are: a few countries openly embrace weed, others have decriminalized it while still maintaining that it's technically illegal, and still others have instituted hardline rules in which you'll pay for a pot transgression with nothing short of your life. Several pot laws in foreign countries accept that the drug has notable medicinal value, permitting it only to individuals struggling with certain medical conditions. These wildly divergent international laws about weed are proof that the world needs to get on the same page and foster a better, more cohesive understanding of what pot is and isn't.

Keep reading to see how other countries view marijuana… and what happens if you're caught with it.